Always know who is coming in or going out by gaining control of the access to your business.

Communication Fire and Security provides a comprehensive secured entry solution custom tailored to your needs. Our access control systems allow you to customize locations and individuals that can access said areas and through which manner they do so.

For instance, you may utilize a keypad for main gate entry, then a proximity card or tag at the front entrance and finally a fingerprint reader to access a certain floor. The access control configurations are endless.

Communication Fire and Security offers the latest technology in both wired and wireless gate entry systems. Our entry systems provide a safe and convenient way of controlling the flow of traffic to and from both residential and commercial facilities. We offer a wide range of solutions to custom tailor a plan that works best for your application.

Wired & Wireless Entry System Access Technology Includes:

  • Eye Scanner

  • Facial Recognition

  • Fingerprint Reader

  • Key Fob  

  • Keypad 

  • Proximity Card

Gate entry systems are ideal for:

  • Apartment & Condominium Buildings

  • Clubhouses & Country Clubs

  • Commercial

  • Residential

  • Educational Centers 

  • Gated Communities

  • Government Facilities

  • Secured Facilities 


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